Iacobus+2019: entering the workspace

What a great moment: about fifty students from four institutions entering the atelier for the nect four days of intense work:

Eric and me, first of all we had a look out of the windows in the western corner…

Just to think about the fact that some fivehundredfifty years ago, the european world just ended here, in front of this seemingly endless atlantic ocean!

What a inspiring ambience! We told the students that in case of any lack of inspiration, just have a look out of the windows!

In the evening, when we finally left the space, the light just became even more intense. Keep the ateliers open day and night…

2014W Design Course MAR1ENO

30 students started the Design Course 1 „Object“ with this years‘ topic „primary school with day care and sports facilities“ in Nuremberg/ Germany. Also see > Design Course 1.

The students have worked on this complex topic since Oct 2014, assisted also by landscape architect Bernd Rohloff, who carefully treated especially urban and landscape, but also many architectural matters during the various critics. The presentation finally finally took place Tue, 27-1 in our Halle A, 26 students presented their projects with great success. As guest critics Andreas Weingut and Bernd Rohloff have formulated so well: the maturity of all projects was on an extremely high level. With ten different typological approaches, the students showed a great variety of possible solutions as well as a complete individuality in each of their proposals. All projects were very well elaborated, from the urban level till the material proposition. Therefore a booklet will be published till the end of this semester, in order to give a precise overview of what I am writing about.

So, here’s to you, some pics from the presentation. I am proud of and happy about this semesters‘ outcome and wish all students to continue on this level of reflexion, discussion and investment in their projects.

Congratulations to all participants of the studio.