Hochschultag 2, thank you…

… for having participated at our grand venue in Berlin!

The Hochschultag has performed well, speakers and guests delivered an enormous amount of statements and some profound insights. The topics all over Germany seem to be more or less the same:

give people, studs and teachers, more time to think, to make, to experience, to enjoy studying!

As Prof. Matthew Burger has sent to me yesterday:

„Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not a preparation for life but is life itself.“ John Dewey


Great Hochschultag, incredible assistance from Regensburg, as

speaker: Prof. Erich Proedl

guests & supporters: Fritz Bielmeier, Prof. Markus Emde, Pia Faust, Miriam Gruber, Sebastian Peter, Sebastian Strobl, Prof. Jakob Timpe, Prof. Felix Wellnitz.

Happy trails to you!

Construction One

… intermediary presentation: well done, students from both disciplines, architecture and building climate!
And thank you, Christian K., Wolfgang B., Michael F. and Guenter F., for supporting Matthew Burger, Dr. Felix Wellnitz and myself in introducing our students to construction. It is a very creative and inspiring atmosphere we can work with, a very promising start in view of next semester’s topic.
But see for yourself: