Iacobus+2018/Stadtlagerhaus: Ausstellung/Exhibition 4.-8.7.2019

Finally we are able to announce the exhibition of the Iacobus+2018 project „Stadtlagerhaus Regensburg: Center of Culture and Creative Industries“.

The opening of the exhibition will take place at the Stadtlagerhaus, Wiener Strasse, 93055 Regensburg Thursday, July 4, 2019 at 19h00. Exhibition Friday-Monday 14-19h00.

Endlich: Eröffnung der Ausstellung des Iacobus+2018-Studienprojektes
„Stadtlagerhaus Regensburg: Zentrum der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft“
am Donnerstag, den 4. Juli 2019 um 19.00 Uhr im Stadtlagerhaus, Wienerstrasse, 93055 Regensburg.

Ausstellung Freitag bis Montag, 14-19.00 Uhr

Sonntag, 13.00 Uhr: Vortrag über das Stadtlagerhaus von Prof. Dr. Peter Morsbach

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Iacobus+2019, Jury approaching

A few days are left: on Thursday morning our design studio will transfer itself to Clermont-Ferrand (via Ronchamp!), in order to enter the annual competition Prix Rafael Baltard with three of our projects for the Colegiata Sta. Maria la Real do Sar in Santiago de Compostela. Due to the inevitable difference in the semester schedule of the participating institutions, we consider this as an intermediary presentation, as all our projects will be elaborated till 26-7.

Last corrections take place on Monday, our students work in groups together in order to finish the plans and models. Let’s see what will await us at the ENSACF…!

Iacobus+2019: the site

How impressive, the Colegiata Sta María la Real do Sar in Santiago de Conpostela! How great this choice of this years‘ project site!

The monastery greeted us with a little bit of rain and a lot of warmth by its formidable priest, a most remarkable person!

We took an intense look around, but also had to meet the mayor…:

I did enjoy the square in front of the town hall, despite the rainy weather :)

Iacobus+2019: entering the workspace

What a great moment: about fifty students from four institutions entering the atelier for the nect four days of intense work:

Eric and me, first of all we had a look out of the windows in the western corner…

Just to think about the fact that some fivehundredfifty years ago, the european world just ended here, in front of this seemingly endless atlantic ocean!

What a inspiring ambience! We told the students that in case of any lack of inspiration, just have a look out of the windows!

In the evening, when we finally left the space, the light just became even more intense. Keep the ateliers open day and night…

Iacobus+/2019: meet-and-greet at the UdC

The international architecture student project has been started in 1995 by Claude Gaillard (ENSA Clermont-Ferrand) and Rafael Baltar (Universidad da Coruña). At its third edition in 1997, Nick Dobler (OTH Regensburg) joined the team. Each year, one of the participating institutions in turn selects the topic around the preservation and evolution of the architectural patrimony, prepares the program and hosts the workshop, which is the starting point of the project in March. After one week of conferences, site visit and joint work in mixed international teams, the students return to their university in order to work on their personal design projects. In June each year, selected students meet again at the institution which in turn hosts the following session in order to meet the jury who decides about the Grand Prix Rafael Baltar for the best project of all institutions. In 2017, the NUACA Yerevan with Emma Harutyunyan joined the team. At the 24th edition of Iacobus, there are 22 French, eight Spanish, six Armenian and seven German students participating, together with their twelve teachers, a large group, who met in the main auditory of the Faculty of Architecture at the UDC on Monday, March 11, 2019 in order to start the project of converting the site of Sta. Maria Colegiata del Sar in Santiago de Compostela: