Venezia III

That ’s it: we’re at the stair room.
Congratulations, Prof. Joachim Wienbreyer and DI Daniel Zwangsleitner, for this incredible piece of work on the grounds of Prof. Dr. Friedrich Mielke’s life-long research!
We’d love to show this to Friedrich Mielke, it is a great honour to his ‚opera‘.
Students, do you remember „… on the road, part one and part two“?

> on the road

> on the road, part II

That is what we’ve done (and we couldn’t talk about it at that early moment…): we travelled to Rotterdam in order to present the Friedrich-Mielke-Institut to Rem Koolhaas.

Now we’re sitting on the Laurin stair replica, watching people entering room 13 „stair“.
Happy trails to you all, just find your way to the Giardini!


Venezia I

The director of the Friedrich-Mielke-Institut fuer Scalalogie at the OTH. ARCH (OTH Regensburg. Faculty of Architecture), Prof. Joachim Wienbreyer, took us (Department coordinator Sabine Lange, Prof. Erich Prödl and me, ema) with him on his trip to Venice today.
During the two following days of the preview, we will not only visit the „stair room“ by the Friedrich-Mielke-Institut in the central pavillion of the Giardini, but also all other parts of „fundamentals“, the 14th Biennale di Architettura 2014, curated by Rem Koolhaas.
We’ve just met Daniel Zwangsleitner, researcher and lecturer at the OTH. ARCH, who has already been in Venice for several days supervising the installation of the „stair room“, at the wonderful, small and cozy Osteria Vinovino.
Daniel told us first-hand about Rem Koolhaas‘ comment on the „stair room“ in view of the public’s first reactions while leading Japanese architect Kazujo Seijima through the exhibition yesterday (3-6-2014) afternoon : „Your archive is an incredible success!“

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