House without a body, to be continued…

The result is surprising: a very independent and individual work, so much different in terms of space from the Regensburg results in 2012. Can this be explained by the use of different city maps?

We’ll continue the course now with a smaller group of students, working our way towards a project of common public use on the grounds of the students‘ individual house without a body. I’ll stay in contact via internet.

And Diogo and me, we’ll prepare the DAAD-ISAP-application in order to install a well-founded student exchange between our institutions. Great news, great vision!

Flying home today.

Thank you so much, Diogo and Mario for the invitation – you’ve hosted me sooo well!

Thanks to you, students, you’ve been so patient and sooooo much engaged! Looking forward to meeting one or the other again, maybe as an incoming student at the OTH…

Thanks to you, Brazil, as you’re a wonderful, inspiring country with great people. I do wish you all the best for the upcoming future, stay as open as your most adorable people have presented you to me!

Abraço forte.