An email from…

… Matthew Burger to his students today reminded me about my first days of studies in DD, nov 1991. Short time after the German reunification I had started my studies at the TU, Faculty of Architecture, just in order to escape it again in Feb 1992, heading for Venice and then Paris…

I wonder how I could stand these first months in ’91 DD, but the answer is to also be found in a tape (!) my friend Luis had sent to me: a recording of Mike Stern and Bob Berg at the China Club NY 1991… I discovered the session on youtube today, thanks a lot to a certain „Orlando Sanchez“:

My favourite is „common ground“, starting at 13:and-a-bit. When Bob Berg enters just before 18:00… this is just amazing.

And do not forget the drums around 46:30…. you’ll need some time for this solo… :)

How strange. To imagine these days and hours before rendering „Baukonstruktion“ or „Entwerfen“, hanging every night over a Robotron drawing machine, drawing endless black lines, working my Rotring Rapidographs, listening to these songs coming out of a red Sony Walkman – probably the three most precious items I’ve ever owned. Well, times are always changing and memories are the best we have.

Have fun!