… very much visible. Wednesday, Mr. Karl Roedl from Holzbau Roedl will deliver the three objects, made by some twenty students out of wooden slats, to the OTH.

Wolfgang Brandl organized the site and the date, Guenter Friedl the material, Holzbau Roedl lent us a hangar at his carpenter workshop and finally yesterday, Nov. 15, twenty students came to participate. They built three of their models, following completely different approaches. The group around Guenter Friedl constructed a bridge, testing the load-bearing capacity of trussed girders: 1,7 tons were no task at all for their construction! The team around Wolfgang Brandl and Michael Feil developed a very complex constructive node leading to the raise of a beautiful spatial object, using extremely few materials. And last but not least the team around Christian Kirchberger, Lina, Greta and myself built the 1:1 model of Kathrin Partheter and Matthias Schmid, a huge tube consisting of a series of frames and a varying cladding of slats. I do think everybody learnt a lot, especially with the load test of the tube, when it became apparent that nails are not efficient at all when put into cross-cut wood. But nothing Mr. Roedl couldn’t fix with some screws…

So see for yourself:


Some „moving pictures“: