BA6 Thesis: congratulations!

That is how it should happen: thesis done, all students passed, models still have to be built, but: let’s raise the glasses :)

I couldn’t assist the presentation, unfortunately. But everybody told me that it was the best thesis presentation ever: relaxed ambiance, good projects and presentations, students and professors at their best.

I have to say that already the topic seemed to be perfect: „Die Stadt der Toten“ was written with great care, a well-dimensioned and inspiring thesis programme. See more:

> website of Prof. Erich Proedl

Therefore, I’ll publish these funny and beautiful pics, shot one week before the presentation, representing exactly what I could observe during this semester: some very earnest, hard-working students, exchanging knowledge and inspiration, helping each other out whenever they could, but never forgetting to break silence with a good laughter, never loosing themselves in work and always present at any moment. Here’s to you, I wish you all the best for at least your next four semesters, you’re a great bunch of people:

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