Presentation Master Studio Yeha

Here’s to you, some impressions from the presentation of the students‘ projects.
(For more background information on Yeha, see the website of the DAI > DAI, Project Yeha)
DI Mike Schnelle, DAI Berlin came from Berlin in order to assist the presentation, as well as guest critic DI Wolfgang Rossbauer, Munich/ Zurich/ Luzern.

Congratulations to you, students, your projects met by far our expectations! The difficult site conditions as well as the complex program had to be encountered, the typology of the architectural solutions proposed by our students was very widespread and on a high level. DI Andreas Weingut and me, we consider this semester as being a very good start for a series of projects in Yeha in order to support the archeological research work on the architectural side.

The DAI is actually preparing the next campaign in situ which will start on February, 21. Happy work and thanks to you all to have made this Studio Yeha possible!


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