BA Architecture EN2 Design project second semester is due on Tuesday, 2-7

So far so good: despite their workload in the module „representation & shaping“, our first year architecture students are struggling hard to finish this semesters‘ design project. Halle A being occupied by 2nd year construction and design presentation by Prof. Gerhard Kramer & Prof. Markus Emde, the final presentation of the „Kasbah“  will take place on Tuesday, 2-7 from 10h – 18h in P123. > see the article about the design project 2013S

Critics will be hold by Prof. Erich Proedl and Prof. Andreas Emminger, introducing also the new assistant in architecture and theory, DI Daniel Zwangsleitner. This will also mark a farewell to the first year students by myself: we’ll meet again perhaps in master 1 ;)

By the way, following soon: an article about the first year construction project „Raumspeicher“.

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