BA2 Design & Project, some news

Tuesday 28-5-13: Ass.Prof. Johann Traupmann, University of Applied Arts Vienna, invited by Prof. Erich Proedl, visited the OTH.ARCH to lecture in Halle A about generative processes and open structures (see: > website of Prof. Proedl). Beforehand he visitied our first year studio in design and project, the kasbah studio, where we talked at length about a remarkable diagrammatic model made by bankel, brunner and fink, representing the structure of the users of their design project. An important point in our discussion with the students was the observation of Michael Alder that when we design a project we eventually happen to know many things about its first users, but can’t be sure about who uses it in 20 years, and certainly not, how it will be used. This observation calls for structures and designs which are open for appropriation and functionally neutral spaces, dividing programs in serving and served spaces.

The discussion was vivid, the students were committed and Prof. Traupmann gave an impressive insight in his teaching methods and opinions. We’re looking forward to his next appearance at OTH.ARCH!

The following lecture ended last but not least at a design-covered table in the Orphée restaurant, see the drawing of Prof. Burger:

2013S Submarine Matthew Burger

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