Treehouse recess at OTH. ARCH

We are running short of working spaces for students. But our corridors are large, beautifully large – we just have to sort out some fire prevention topics if we use these spaces…. we’ll see what we are able to do about this next week!

Anyways: our teaching offices (also see > a story about desks) are a combinatory space for lectures, critics and working by the means of a desksharing-system (see > desksharing). That means that students may arrive in the morning, desks are empty and clean, they occupy the space and liberate it only for teaching matters.

At night, before leaving the faculty, students have to store away their belongings and clean the desks – next morning, everything starts again.

Now we will complement this systems by activating the recesses in our corridors – if security agrees…

We will combine Henning Grosseschmidts‘ ideas about energetically activating the recesses (as we heard a lot about roman heating systems last Thursday in Halle A, see > Denkmail Nr.11-2012,   > Denkmail Nr.11-2012.Kommentar> Temperierung_ abstract)

with the idea of occupying them with individual working spaces for students.

See how this works:

We intend to install these spaces in all 50 recesses we have on the first and the second floor. Students may occupy them for a whole semester, if they want to…

First of all we have to get the clearing by the Statal Building Commission. This will be crucial for all following steps.

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