… on the road, part II

We’ve been to Rotterdam, Prof. Joachim Wienbreyer and me… and it was a real (or better „true“?) experience. More about the content in some time, meanwhile just some impressions from the trip itself. Let the pictures speak!

Getting on the plane, meeting Otl Aicher „en passant“:

You want to know more about Otl Aicher? Start here e.g.:

> about Otl Aicher

> about Otl Aicher and Lufthansa

Then, Prof. Matthew Burger, Prof. Jakob Timpe, you dear colleagues, this is for you and your ID-crew:

Discovering systems of guiding public transport …:

After getting off the train at Rotterdam Centraal, we had some time before lunch and our meeting… so, let’s visit some architecture nearby the train station, a housing project in Governestraat/ St. Mariastraat:

Or look out for some stairs :)

… there would be a lot more to show and to say, but let’s stop here…

Altogether, we had some terribly good time and will report about our trip in time, when we may say something about its content…