Venice is done…

… that’s it: after the presentation of this semester’s BA thesis work, the audience (mainly) stayed in halle A to watch the presentation of master 3.2 design position:

Alexander Gallerach, Ute Heller, Claudia Ruderer and Benjamin Wiegaertner presented some real good projects. Treating Piazzale Roma with great care but also an astonishing liberty of thoughts lead to four individual projects of high reflexive quality and strong positions reading the difficult urban context of Venice’s main terrestrial entrance.

For further information see:

> Venedig 1

Whether it is Gallerach’s „I crave for something long“, Heller’s complex inhabited wall, Ruderer’s expressive exchanger or Wiegaertner’s interpretation of a venetian campanile: every single piece of the projects is made by the students themselves, following the leads by their in-depth analysis of this particular site as well as their proper intuition. Everybody present was quite impressed, the liberty of thinking is something we need at our faculty, we can only encourage the students to go on. I am so very curious about their MA thesis next semester!

So, if anybody wants to see their projects: just go to the master gallery in Halle A, first floor, it is worth a visit!

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