Presentation of Master 1.2 Design and 1.3 Construction Course

A semesters‘ work about the topic of an elementary school in some eclectic urban situation in Nuremberg was crowned by the presentation of the results on Wednesday, 30th of January. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hierl, DI Andreas Weingut and me, we decided to let the students present their Design Course work together with their Construction Course projects on the topic of the schools‘ gym as a steel construction.

It was impressive to see what results the students from Germany, Spain, France, Poland, Russia, Jordania and Iraq delivered: plain, simple black-and-white plans together with clear concepts and very different approaches to solve the question of how to build an inclusive elementary school in our days, interpreting the public standard elementary school program in a creative way. We saw so many different solutions, none resembling to the other: individual, alone-standing concepts, context-integrated building volumes, function-oriented interpretations and some students also gave us the impression to have worked against their own school traumata – successfully in all cases.

The steel-based construction themes were all over all of a high quality and sometimes even of a very high quality, proposing extremely well solved design and construction concepts, integrating the high conceptional quality of the respective elementary school project.

As teachers we were very satisfied with the results of this semesters‘ master I work. These results depend essentially of the very good ambience between the students and their continuous and steady work on both topics. We also must admit that the separation of the Design Course Module and the Construction Course relating both via the same topic, in this case elementary school for DC and adjacent gym for CC, was a very successful method to let the students work in two different velocities during the whole semester, bringing the projects to a much better end compared to an integrated project which tries to solve design and construction within one project during only one semester. Time’s too short to fulfill both parts in a satisfying way within complex topics.

So we do think that the students are well prepared for the summer course with its long-traditioned, three-national Iacobus project, starting on 3-3-2013 with a workshop in A Coruna, lead by our colleague Prof. Anne Beer on behalf of HS.R ARCH.

Happy trails to you, students of MA 1!


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