MA ARCH 1: how to design a good learning space…

Wednesday, 30-1-2013, Empore Halle A/ 10-16h:

Presentation of our Master I projects in MA 1.2 Design Project and MA 1.3 Construction Project.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hierl, DI Andreas Weingut and myself, we will be at the gallery of Halle A in order to assist the presentation of our winter term MA 1 students joint projects. At the same time, ID3 will present their winterlicht gig in Halle A. It will be worth a while to assist both presentation switching from one room to the other.

Our MA 1 course is quite international this time: 22 students from Spain, Russia, Poland, Iraq, Jordania and Germany will proudly present the results of their first term in our Master of Architecture. Everybody interested in joining us is very welcome.

By the way, do you know this teacher:

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