BA ARCH1 – Design Course 1 in 2012W: that’s for it.

This is it: the semester is quite over. One last exam next thursday, and our 1st-year-students will enter their second term at HS.R ARCH. Unfortunately I still couldn’t return to the Faculty, so I wasn’t able to assist the presentation last thursday – as it already happened with the Construction Course 1. But as last time, I was informed by my dear colleagues Prof. Erich Prödl and Prof. Matthew Burger as well as by students from the other studios about the events during this presentation. The picture above was sent by 3rd semester student Fritz Bielmeier.

As I could verify yesterday inspecting the works, our students from BA 1 Design Course did an incredibly good job and, to be honest, it was also an immense pleasure to teach them during this winter term. So we, Prof. Erich Prödl, Prof. Joachim Wienbreyer and me, will continue working with them in 2013S, Design Course 2 as well as Construction Course 2 having ‚quite a good feeling in our bones‘. All the energy invested was worth a while: the result of Design Course I may even be grounds for our construction projects during the following summer term.

Something changed profoundly in our faculty, something very particular happened: the synergy between our different BA studies in Architecture, Industrial Design and Clima Engineering finally started to create a very special ambience. It became a true cooperation between students of different disciplines and different terms recognizing the value of what their colleagues produce, even in regard of their own projects. It obviously encouraged students in other studios to reflect even deeper on their own projects.

I do think that the decision of linking different disciplines in order to make them understand what the respective other disciplines develop during their studies was a good one. The discussion between the students themselves about their projects seems to become very mature in a short time as well as the open-mindness of our students regarding the acceptance of different point of views onto the same subject is steadily increasing. It gives us some hope that a vast majority of our students started to understand that studying architecture, design or clima engineering has nothing to do with learning certainties in order to apply them without thinking about alternatives but that it is essentially about searching for unknown solutions in order to solve longtime existing problems.

As another dear colleague of mine, Prof. Matthias Böttger from the University of Linz explained not very long ago, we usually tend to solve problems concerning our presence or future by looking into the rear mirror. A glimpse into the rear mirror may help in order to be certain about what we know from our experiences from the past. But curiosity is essential for progress and curiosity is not founded in our past. It seems that our students are curious, very curious indeed and this makes me quite confident concerning the next terms as well as the overall development of our faculty.

Thank you, folks, for this great winter term. Let’s finish it and continue with 2013S after a short break.

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