… again: congratulations, this time id1 and prof. matthew burger!

Snow, ice, traffic, 3 hours n-r instead of 50 min.:

n - r: 2012, 01-16
n – r: 2013, 01-17

Every second of this day was worth traveling in such conditions, because of you, id1-crew (so called by prof. burger)!

Your presentation was something worth more than just a „clin d’oeil“, more than a simple glimpse, it was definitely great seeing your projects and detecting this fascinating variety within the different disciplines id and arch after only twelve weeks of studying. id is taking care of „process“, architecture is doing the same about „space“. The same grounds, the same issue, but completely different results simply because of our all way to take care of it: this is exactly what we talked about, prof. matthew burger, prof. erich prödl and me, when we fixed the design course 1’s subject. We wanted to collaborate, we wanted to find parallel ways, we wanted contact and enrichment between the courses id and arch and we wanted to contribute to building an own identity for each course, but somehow we didn’t dare to dream of such a result.

prof. burger and id1 crew during the design course 1 presentation on january 16th, 2013
prof. burger and id1 crew during the design course 1 presentation on january 17th, 2013

id1 assisted the intermediary presentation of arch1 in november, which gave them some hints about how to move on. Today it was the contrary: id1 gave imagination to arch1 by presenting their works. Already the way to present is something never seen in this faculty: the long desired studio atmosphere, relaxed, attentive, concentrated, rich in content and structure.

The presentation of arch 1 is scheduled for next thursday, january 24th from 9.00h on, P123 and P125 at HS.R ARCH.

You missed today’s id1 presentation? Here’s to you, a short impression:

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